Message from the Director

차상균 서울대학교 공과대학 정보전기공학부 교수

Recent technological developments have led to the rapid accumulation of vast data and ‘Big Data’ steps in a series of technology revolutions across the areas, from science and technology to economy and cultures.

Research on big data has infinite value potential, driven by rapid advance in Information Technology, to improve the performance of the current industries and create new categories of companies.

SNU BDI was launched in order to stay ahead in the global race of big data education and research development by merging and taking multidisciplinary challenges which cut across discipline boundaries.

Our institute is committed to explore platform technology which enables analysis of vast amount of data, creation of predictive models, planning and simulation. On this basis, our research initiative is to develop advanced software which is applicable to any fields in the society, ranging from finance, communication to healthcare, and sports.

Furthermore, by answering national century-old questions through big data analysis from multiple data sources and nurturing the gifted who have deep potential to become a stepping stone to the Creative Economy, SNU BDI seeks to become a world-leading big data research center.

Director Sang Kyun Cha, Ph. D.